Emergency Band

Protection of vulnerable adults or children

Where the existing housing circumstances could deteriorate to such an extent to place household members at risk, or in need, of residential care unless a permanent home is offered.

Extra Care

Where there is a need for extra care or supported housing accommodation which is supported by Social Services.

Community Safety

Where there is a need to move to address significant community impact Bespoke Housing Group Where there are significant and specific property adaptation requirements and the Bespoke Housing Group has assessed that they require an offer of Council or social housing.

Domestic Abuse

Where there is a significant risk of violence or harm and the victim cannot be safely accommodated in a refuge or other temporary accommodation.

Hospital Discharge

Where the patient cannot be discharged to their home and it has become permanently unsuitable for them.

Exceptional Homeless Cases

Where there are significant needs meaning that a discharge of duty can only be made by an offer of Council or social housing.

Housing First

Housing First clients who have been assessed as needing a move to a council of social housing property.

Significant Risk

Where there is a significant threat to life or risk of serious and permanent disability.

Permanent Decant Council or Housing Association tenants in the BCP area who are required to be permanently decanted where they have not been successful for an offer of accommodation within 6 months of the need for full vacant possession of the property. This is an escalation from Gold Band.

Exceptional Operational Reasons

Where there are exceptional operational reasons, for example to provide accommodation to prevent significant health risks e.g. in response to a pandemic where failure to act could result in serious harm or even death.