Gold Band


Will only apply to those having been assessed as Category 1 hazards under Part 1 of the Housing Act 2004 and/or statutorily overcrowded under Part 10 of the Housing Act 1985. This band does not apply to applicants living in temporary accommodation who have been awarded a homelessness duty.

Under Occupation

The applicant is a BCP Council tenant or the tenant of a housing association, living in the BCP area, who under-occupies their existing property and is looking to move to a smaller, more suitable property. Severe and/or persistent harassment The applicant is a victim of severe and/or persistent harassment or violence (including racial harassment) at their current property - providing evidence exists to substantiate the claim and to confirm the seriousness of the case (e.g. from Police), and re-housing is the only course of action.

Supported Housing Move-On

Applicants living in a short-term commissioned Supported Housing project who are seeking to 'move-on' into independent accommodation where there is no other suitable option for meeting their housing need other than social housing. This will be subject to quota arrangements.

Care Leavers Move On

Where a young person who has been looked after, fostered or accommodated and has had a duty of care accepted under the Children Act in the BCP Council area and is ready for independent living, they will be awarded Gold band to enable a planned move on to independent suitable accommodation providing a support plan is in place. This will be subject to quota arrangements.

Group One Medical Needs

Applicants who have been awarded a group one medical need

Group One Welfare Needs

Applicants who have been awarded a group one welfare need

High Disrepair Needs

This band will only apply to significant hazard(s) identified through Part 1 of the Housing Act 2004 and where those hazard(s) cannot reasonably be removed or reduced to a satisfactory level and within a reasonable timescale.

Permanent Decant

BCP Council or housing association tenants in the BCP area whose existing properties are subject to major works for rebuilding/renovation/demolition or re-designation and need to move to enable these works to take place.

Tenancy Succession

There is a statutory right to succeed to a tenancy but the applicant requires a move to smaller accommodation, or sheltered housing.

Efficient use of Housing Stock

For applicants who wish to move from general needs accommodation to sheltered housing and/or housing for older people including applicants who will be releasing an adapted property. Management Transfer As agreed by both parties and where no other priority band would be applicable. Time limited to six months.