Services for older people

BCP Homechoice welcome applications for sheltered, social housing from any persons living in the BCP Council area, aged 55 and over and unable to financially meet their own housing needs.   

Other Housing Options for older people, who would not be eligible for the BCP Housing Register include:

Almhouses offer low-cost community housing for older people in housing need. Applications are received by the relevant charitable trust at:

·       Eventide Homes, Edgecombe Gardens in Castle Lane West Bournemouth,

·       Tragonwell Almshouse Trust, Talbot Village, Wallisdown Road, Bournemouth,

·       Wellman House in Poole

·       Municipal & Owen Carter Almhouse, The Old Rope Walk in Poole

·       Municipal & Owen Carter Almhouse, St Georges Buildings in Poole

·       WH Saunders & Frank Wareham Charity, Ringwood Road in Poole

Abbeyfield manage two units of affordable supported accommodation for persons over 65 at Pennant House and Westbourne House in Poole and Bournemouth.

The YMCA provide short-term supported accommodation to persons up to the age of 65.

The Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) have more information about Housing Options for Older people.